Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Going Camping Again

When you were in your teenage years did you enjoy going camping ? all great stuff at the time, so all these years later you start to think about buying a tent and have a go at camping again only to suddenly remember all those freezing nights sleeping under a tent that took hours to put up and remember the pain in your back after spending a sleepless night on cold rock hard ground. Well those days have long gone you can buy pop up tents that you can erect within minutes, self inflating mattresses to save on your lung power and even sleeping pods that have loads of room and you don’t have to worry about rolling onto that ice cold zip in the middle of the night. So if that has wet your appetite to try camping again and your thinking of camping in the United Kingdom have a look at the camping site finder at www.campingandcaravandirect.co.uk they have camping sites listed in England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland you can even leave your own review of the site, find places to visit when there on your holiday, check out local videos and you can even look out over the area around the park with a satellite view

Royal Wedding BBQ

Now that the light nights are on their way and the first bank holidays and warmer weather (lets all keep our fingers crossed on this one lol) is in a few weeks time (don’t forget there is a couple of extra days holiday this year with the Royal wedding) many people will be thinking of having their own garden party to celebrate the royal couples wedding, so if your thinking of going down the line of having a barbeque in your garden the check out www.calorgas-heaters.co.uk who have a large range of stocks of BBQs from a single burner up to a quality 6 burner, many of which are on next day delivery for anyone that’s in a hurry to get out there cooking